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The importance and the benefits of the scales

06 Mar 2013

Posted by Lausax in Front Page News
The scales. The terror of musicians! We don't like very much to play them and we always wonder if we really need them. Well, the answer is yes, if we really want a good technique on our instrument and then we want to keep this technique from going rusty. The scales will help you to play in all keys and improve your skills.     There are a lot of scales, but the three basic are major, minor and melodic. There are also the arpeggios, broken chords that can be major, minor, etc. like the relative scales. We can talk about scales for years, they're a lot! So, let's move directly to the advices that can help you to enjoy your scales and gain the maximum benefit from time spent learning sclaes!     Use scales as a warm up. Playing sclaes must be the first thing you do aft...

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Saxophone Playing

22 Dec 2012

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
I am in love with the saxophone. I have been playing the saxophone for five years, and below are some of the tips that I have learned from the various people I have been taught by and have learned through trial and error. Whether you play with the alto saxophone, the tenor saxophone or the baritone saxophone (or all three!) these tips will help improve your playing without too much effort on your part. Number 1: Post your fingering chart where you see it on a daily basis For me, there are always one or two very high notes that I forget if they aren't in the music pieces I am working on. I have posted my fingering chart by my bed and see it before I fall asleep at night. If you don't have a fingering chart, buy one! They are small, inexpensive and readily available at most music stores...

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Soprano Straight Sax Vs. Curved Soprano Sax

26 Nov 2012

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
Unlike other saxophones, most soprano saxophones are straight rather than curved. A curved model, shaped like a miniature alto sax, was popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and in recent years it has enjoyed a renaissance. Whether a saxophonist chooses a straight or curved instrument often depends on personal preference. Projection Probably the biggest difference between the straight and the curved soprano sax is in how it projects sound. The straight sax thrusts the music out at the audience, while the curved instrument projects it upward. Consequently, the musician may hear himself better with the curved sax, but the audience hears the straight sax better. But there's a trade-off. The straight sax usually requires two microphones, one at the bell and one near the keys. This is somet...

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12 Tips for Hitting that Altissimo G Like a Pro

22 Apr 2013

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
We all know that some notes on the saxophone are tougher to hit than others, especially as we begin to delve into the altissimo register. While there is a great deal of information out there about the art of altissimo as a whole, I thought that it would be good to hone in on a specific note in the altissimo register that seems to give folks a bit of a tougher time than some of the others above it. My suggestion is that you read everything here then try the things that you think will enhance your abilities in this area. Keep in mind that different fingerings apply depending on whether you’re on alto or tenor, but similar concepts should apply in either case. 1) Make sure you’re always using plenty of air. Some notes allow you to push them through with very little air...

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Top 10 Most Influential Jazz Saxophonists

27 Nov 2013

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
So I was googling for the top 10 most influential jazz saxophonists. I found out this and would like to share with all of you. When Adolphe Sax made the first saxophone in 1841, he could never have imagined how popular it would become.  As the guitar is the main instrument of rock and roll, the saxophone is seen by many to be the main instrument of jazz.  Its players have frequently been some of the most progressive and experimental musicians in history.  While some would argue that the trumpet is the most important instrument in jazz, it is undeniable that whenever a new development occurred in jazz, a saxophonist was never too far away.  By examining its most important players, we can actually trace the history of jazz. This list is comprised of ten of the mo...

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What Made Me Start Playing the Saxophone at Age 54? by Al...

06 Feb 2014

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
Here's a short story by Alfred Philip - (What Made Me Start Playing the Saxophone at Age 54), one of our saxophone community member. It's never too late to learn and pick up saxophone. I hope his story will motivate all sax players as well.- My mantra has always been: I will start playing the Sax when I retire from work, but when I met this young and talented saxophone player during the afterparty of last year's Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival, he changed my mind. I talked to him after his gig and before I knew he sold me an Antigua saxophone of Chinese make for only $400. Long before this, however, I was raised in a musical environment: My dad played records of Nat King Cole and he mastered the harmonica, the guitar and keyboard, my brother played the sax (Martin) but stopped...

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Kenny G`s Performance Strategy - A Guide for Saxophone

26 Jul 2013

Posted by Ken Ng in Front Page News
The following is a brief assessment of Kenny G’s stage presence, performance, and professional habits which contribute to his successful music career. Stage Presence Within the first sixty seconds of every performance, KG wants to evoke a positive emotional response within the audience. An audience cannot adequately assess the quality or depth of KG’s musical talent until he performs in a way that touches each person individually. Once KG can establish emotional rapport with a listener, that listener will become another devoted fan. KG seemed to have more swag about him in the late 80’s and mid 90’s. I assume it is because he has now matured to the point where he feels very comfortable in his own skin and he feels that he doesn’t have to go out of his way to prove himself to anyone...

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